We make the process of building as seamless, efficient, and transparent as possible. With accurate cost projections and detailed construction protocols, we continually strive to increase productivity while exceeding Client expectations.

Our process below will give you more insight into how together, we will successfully achieve your vision. +Schedule a Consultation


After receiving your consult request, we will meet you onsite to view your property and project, actively review objectives together, and discuss the steps involved to complete the job.


The project team consists of the Client, Architect and General Contractor. Our goal is to provide clear and thoughtful communication throughout the entire process. Team alignment prior to construction ensures that the budget and schedule are properly managed.


We begin by creating a preliminary estimate to ensure your plan, design, timeline and budget are all in alignment. We will work together to actively review and refine the scope of the project. We will also go over final materials to be used at this time.


Before starting construction, we obtain multiple bids from trade contractors to guarantee competitive pricing. A detailed budget is finalized, the permit is acquired, and the contract is signed.


Once construction has begun, our project manager will be your guide during the building process, communicating to ensure budget, schedule and quality are upheld.


Your project is complete! Final information and guidelines will be delivered at this time.